Instek Digital™ VTrack is a powerful video intelligent solution. It takes video surveillance to the next level by undergoing the process of intelligent analytics. Instek Digital™ VTrack technology - can be linked to a large library - where it is collected and continuously updated all image processing state-of-the-art for automatic and real-time video processing of scenes. This is why Instek Digital™ VTrack - unlike traditional motion detection based modules - can guarantee unprecedented functionalities and performance. It turns passive video into a highly accurate discernible tool. The intelligently analyses the video content and differentiates a moving object from its background. After learning the object’s behavior - Instek Digital™ VMS Command Center can trigger an event on the basis of that diagnostic information. The future of technology becomes a reality today by rich, real-time capture of people, vehicles and objects and their individual patterns of motion.

Features Highlights:

  • compatible with analogue, digital, IP video cameras and offline video flows
  • automatic, real-tme alerts for only events of interest
  • compatible with Instek Digital™ Command Center
  • flexible, modular software platform develope in C++ language and available for both Windows and Linux OS
  • reduces effeciently false alarms due to light conditions, dynamic background, atmoshperic phenomena and subjects that are not of interest

Technical Requirements for VTrack Software Solution

- IP cameras (optical or thermal), through standard protocols rtp/rtsp, mjpeg or ONVIF

- analogue cameras (optical or thermal), by IP video encoders through standard protocols rtp/rtsp, mjpeg or ONVIF, or by compatible frame grabber cards

- compatible VMS platforms

- NVR or DVR units, compatible or through standard protocols rtp/rtsp, mjpeg or ONVIF

- off-line videos in all standard formats (avi, asf, mpg, mov, ...)

- clearly visible to the naked eye in the image, even in difficult environmental conditions (night, heavy rain, fog, glare from the sun or other sources of artificial light, snow, ...)

- entirely visible in the image for at least 10-15 continuous frames

- minimum size: area of 100 pixels

- maximum size: about 1/4 of the image

- position: at least 3 meters height, the most possible vertical

- lens: not longer than 2,8mm for camera positioned at 3 meters height

  • Intel® Core™ i7 or higher CPU
  • 8GB or more memory
  • Intel® HD Graphics / NVIDIA® GT730 or higher graphics card
  • Windows 10 or Linux, 32/64 bit operating system
  • up to 1080P display resolution
  • video flow acquisition from:
  • conditions of the subjects of interest in the image in order to be effectively detected:
  • suggested camera set-up:
  • minimum frame rate: 8fps
  • suggested image resolution: CIF (352x288) or QVGA (320x240)

* Requirements may vary, depending on the individual rule. For the exact individual requirement, please advice the individual rule datasheet.

  Image resolution CIF (352 x 288) Image resolution 4CIF (704 x 576)
2.8Ghz or higher processor 1GB RAM 4 video flows 10fps 2 video flows 10fps
Dual Core 2.8GHz or higher processor 1GB RAM 8 video flows 10fps 4 video flows 10fps
Quad Core 2.8GHz or higher processor 1GB RAM 16 video flows 10fps 8 video flows 10fps

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim