NR5000-4U series is designed focussed on large project, such as cities, airports and public transportation. These environments require large storage space and fast access to important video data. Instek Digital™ NVRs deliver flexible and powerful performance to security professionals for distributed enterprise architectures and centralized management applications. It can record video-data up to 128 channels simultaneously on 24 hard-disc drives. Also optional RAID model is available, which ensures maximum security. The hard-disc drive bays for the RAID models are hot-swappable, which makes it easy to change hard-disc drives without turning-off the system. This ensures accessibility of critical video-data 24/7 without any hassle. Furthermore the hard-disc drive bays are protected for unauthorized access by a centralized front panel and the individual bays are also lockable for additional safeguard. The NR5000-4U series is available with dual power supplies, RAID enhancement and three hot-swappable system fans, providing customers stability and security. The pre-installed NVR sotiware and customized Linux operating system, provides overall system availability by reducing system downtime caused by power supply and hard-disc drive failure. Furthermore it has been specially configured to allocate more resources for demanding tasks for viewing and recording of high resolution video. Instek Digital™ NVR sotiware will also save a lot of cost and time, since seting up the NVR will be reduced to a minimum. To ensure future project expansion, Instek Digital™ NVR’s are easily scalable. Just purchase the amount of channels that are required. To enhance security, Instek Digital™ NVR features industrial standard ‘Modbus-TCP’ DIO, RSA-2048bit encryption/decryption support for video recording/transmission and the support for HTTPS(TLC/SSL) connection for commands exchange between the NVR and Instek Digital™ VMS Command Center.


Key Features
• Durable hardware design
• Stable and secure application on Linux OS
• Supports up to 128 camera channels
• Supports RAID 5 and RAID 6 for video-data protection
• 24 hotswappable hard-disc drive bays
• Dual power supply (optional)
• Watchdog for guaranteed high availability
• SDK API ready for integration with POS, Access Control and Building Automation systems
• RSA-2048bit encryption/decryption for video recording/transmission
• Viewing clients: Command Center (VMS), CCMobile (mobile app) and NVR Web Portal
• Alarm history and user activity log for six months
• Comprehensive graphical illustra????on for quick search of recorded video
• Playback by date, time, camera and alarm instance
• PTZ control with optional remote I/O module
• Industrial standard ‘Modbus-TCP’ DIO module
• Digital signature with watermark protection
• HTTPS(TLS/SSL) connection supported between camera and NVR for secured video-stream
• NVR embedded QoSS (Quality of Service for Surveillance) for bandwidth optimization.

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