Matri Video has deployed over 4,800 projects worldwide in any thinkable vertical market. See below a small overview from the many projects. 










Mass transit systems, airports, subways, city buses and train stations are all face threats, such as petty crime, harassement, liability suits and vandalism. Matri Video solution are designed to insulate transportation environments from threats and make it a safer place for staff and passengers.

Demand Transportations Video Surveillance

  • scalable for future expansion
  • central manageable
  • guarantee staff amd travellers safety
  • detect forgotten items
  • user authentication
  • prevention of non-paying customers
  • availability of evidence in case of incidents
  • high performance TV-wall solution
  • open platform




School security has been a hot issue in the 21st century with numerous news stories broadcasted showing young lives at risk. To minimize incidents from happening or limit casualties, video surveillance is the answer. It is critical to monitor the campus for incidents or intruders and respond to it promptly.

Demand School Security Video Surveillance

  • scalable for future expansion
  • central manageable
  • guarantee staff amd travellers safety
  • detect forgotten items
  • user authentication




Banks are often seen as the most secure institutions on the planet. Money are entrusted to them and it is their job to keep it safe. To make this happen, video surveillance systems are a necessity. Matri Video plays a key role in delivery top-notch video surveillance solutions.

Demand School Security Video Surveillance

  • ensure staff and client safety
  • vault security
  • prevention from fraud of staff and client
  • crime investigation
  • prevention of check fraud
  • solve 'phantom ATM withdrawals'
  • open platform




Video surveillance within healthcare is effective, not only for security, but also for cost control. It helps to monitor the environment and protect staff and patients, but also provide valuable visual evidence that can be used to increase productivity and prevent dishonest claims.

Demand Healthcare Video Surveillance

  • ensure staff and patient safety
  • guarantee health and safety standards
  • prevent unauthorized access
  • notification in case of incidents
  • viewing cameras by multiple users
  • access by any computer or on-the-go




The gambling environment is vunerable to criminal activity and fair play, that is why properly monitoring is very important. The flow of people and money is constant, upping the risk of incidents.

Demand Gambling Video Surveillance

  • video intelligence
  • prevent trespassing
  • monitor suspicious players
  • prevent theft
  • guarantee gaming regulations
  • monitor popular areas




Retails are facing many different challenges, the most obvious is theft. This will lead to inventory shrinkage and will influence the store profit. Besides economical damage, it will also effect staff and visitors psychological well being. Video surveillance is an excellent weapon to protect the store. By deterring shoplifters, it reduces losses and creates a safter shopping environment for staff and visitors.

Demand Retail Video Surveillance

  • prevent theft
  • define most popular areas
  • restrict unauthorized access
  • compact video surveillance solution
  • 24/7 access
  • analyze purchase behavior




Cities are facing many threats on a daily base such as theft, assults, drug dealing, gun violence, terror attack or pick pockets. Only law enforcements are not able to handle an entire city's safety. That is why city officials have decided to support them with video surveillance solution.

Demand City Surveillance Video Surveillance

  • prevent crime
  • open platform
  • central manageable
  • view the same stream by multiple users concurrently
  • high performance TV-wall solution
  • video intelligence
  • 24/7 accessible and on the road
  • prevent unauthorized access of government buildings




Video surveillance in an industrial environment is not only about security, but also is focussed on productivity. Monitoring staff and machinery is essential for a safe and productive environment. This results industry facilities to remain safe, competitive and profitable.

Demand Industry Video Surveillance

  • quality control
  • inventory management
  • staff safety
  • guard restricted areas
  • management productivity
  • machinery monitoring