Matri Video is the video surveillance business unit of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. and focus on the development of high quality digital surveillance solutions. The company inherited over 20-years of surveillance experience.Matri Video has the luxury of a strong financial background supported by Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. – has over 40-years of electronics R&D and manufacturing experience. And Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. is also listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange Corporation. Matri Video offers a wide array of video surveillance software and hardware – under the brand of Matri Video. The core design are based on the following principles; “User-Friendliness”, “Scalability” and “Reliability”. Matri Video’s solutions are based on an open platform – creating seamless third party integration. With this concept Matri Video has created a business model that can meet every aspect in today’s surveillance demand. The results speak for themselves – based on small and large projects that we have deployed around the world.

Product Portfolio

Matri Video offers a wide array hardware and software video surveillance solutions. The company offers an exquisite range of hardware solutions such as video-recorders, back-up solutions, network CCTV and video-servers. Matri Video powerful and user-friendly software solution – has proven itself at projects worldwide. Matri Video Command Center video management solution ensures extraordinarily features that meets today’s safety and security requirements. It helps to manage a secure environment and enhances business processes. Matri Video software solutions include video management system, video analytics, backup solutions and mobile video surveillance.

Core Competence

Matri Video’s core competence is its dedication to enterprise video surveillance. All departments work around this principle and work daily with passion and comprehension to bring this company to the next level. This principle represent four core competence; ‘Manufacturing Advantage’, ‘Traditional CCTV’, Extensive Testing Base’ and ‘Experienced R&D Team’.

Design Concept

Matri Video’s design concept is based on five principle; ‘Problem Solving Orientation’, ‘Reliability’, ‘Consistency’, Intuitiveness’ and ‘Redundancy’. ‘Problem Solving Orientation’ is the principle of having an answer to every problem. ‘Reliability’ refers to the fact that Matri Video has a Linux OS based solution and experience with gaming related security issues. This allows Matri Video to offer a reliable video surveillance solution. ‘Consistency’ is related the compatibility of older systems with newer or backward and forward compatible. ‘Intuitiveness’ is the fact to make the GUI as user-friendly as possible. Users should get their tasks down with in two or three clicks. And finally ‘Redundancy’ is the backup principle. Matri Video software and hardware solution all provide a comprehensive backup solution for a secure video surveillance solution. Competitive Value Matri Video’s competitive values are based on an ‘Affordable Enterprise Solution’, a ‘Turnkey Solution’ and a ‘Dedicated Software Team’ and a ‘Professional Enterprise Team’. The company local sourcing leverage and software embedded hardware – makes it possible to offer affordable video surveillance solutions for enterprises. In addition Matri Video’s ‘Turnkey Solution’ guarantee customers an affordable solution - which is utilized through customized Linux OS integration with Matri Video software. The seamless integration between software and hardware is a testimony of the dedicated software team. The dedication of the software team has resulted in the development of a tailored operating and file system specific for security purposes. In addition Matri Video’s professional enterprise team offer the most reliable and expeditious support in the industry. Collaborations To offer flexibility – Matri Video collaborates with many leading security camera partners. This allows customers to choose from a wide array of video surveillance solutions – which meets their specific demand. With a strong and strategic partnership – Matri Video provides a seamless integration between hardware and software. The result is to aim for an increasing market share and mutual business opportunities for Matri Video and its partners. Success As a result of Matri Video’s hardworking efforts many projects around the world have been deployed with great success. Matri Video video management solution has been implemented into the security systems of casinos, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, utility companies, public transportation, government facilities, prisons, schools and many more. The numbers have proven themselves – with channels from 100 up to a 20,000.